Madonna Sobs On Stage For Him.

Madonna is said to have accepted that son Rocco isn't coming home

The reality that her only natural son now prefers the company of his estranged father is too much for Madonna to bear. She has accepted her fate on the custody battle for son Rocco against ex-husband, Guy Ritchie.

On 3 March, the world had expected Guy and Rocco to arrive the U.S. and appear in court for hearings but the complexity of the situation made it impossible.

The judge prosecuting the custody hearing has been told that the boy in question is too old to be forced either to live in the U.S. or U.K. He may have made up his mind never to live under the strict protection of his mom in the U.S.

Rocco has the ball in his court. He has chosen where he wants to be and who he wants to be with. The reasons are private. He owes no one any answers. 

Madonna broke down on stage in New Zealand on Friday night during her Rebel Heart tour after it dawned on her that Rocco isn’t going back to her.

Madonna broke down on stage in New Zealand on Friday night

She then told the fans: “There is no love stronger than a mother for her son,” before dedicating her song La Vie en Rose to the little man.