Chinese Man Stole HK$13,000 Cash On A Plane.

The Chinese man, suspected of stealing HK$13,000 in cash from a sleeping airline passenger, is paraded before the cameras in Bangkok. Photo:

A Chinese man has been arrested for stealing a total of HK$13,000.00 from a sleeping passenger on a flight from Macau to the Thai capital, Bangkok.

Reports have it that the Chinese passenger on board AirAsia flight, took renminbi bank notes, HK dollars and Thai baht from the sleepy passenger without drawing any attention.

Details of how he committed the crime is yet to be revealed. 

The suspect, identified as Yang was later arrested and all the cash recovered after arrival in Bangkok.

Yang confessed that he followed the passenger all the way from a casino in Macau and had to board a flight with the unsuspecting cash owner in order to get the needed access.