Woman’s Corpse Found in Lift.

After a faulty cable in an elevator was reported to the maintenance company, two engineers were sent to carry our repairs in order to avoid casualties.

The workers knocked at the lift  doors but heard no sound so they thought there wasn’t anyone inside and locked it up. Residents of the high-rise building were thereafter, advised to use another elevator until repairs are completed.

The maintenance work lasted about a month since January 30. 

After the lift became functional, residents received a shocking sight as a woman’s lifeless body was found inside.

The police in Xi’an believes there’s no foul play except negligence of duty.

It is reported that the workers shut down the elevator at the end of January, then left without checking first to see if anyone was inside.

At this point, police are not sure if the woman was in the elevator at the time it was shut down. Or how she didn’t respond when there was knocks on the door. The situation is complicated.

The building’s property management company and the two maintenance workers are also under investigation.

The situation is complicated because the maintenance company went on holidays for the Chinese New Year. Also, the dead woman was not reported to be ‘missing’ because family and friends thought she traveled for the celebration.

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