“Lick Me Where I Fart,” Teacher Tells Student.

A female teacher who allegedly told her student “lick me where I fart”, has been placed on suspension after her dehumanizing classroom slangs were made public. Many of the victimized students testified against this teacher from Ontario, Canada.

Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson

Image: Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson

Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson, has verbally abused her students over the years. She handles grade levels 10 – 12 at Dunnville Secondary School.

The bad-mouthing teacher was arrested nearly one month ago and has since been held in custody without pay. She is set to attend a disciplinary hearing on September 23.

According to the Discipline Committee of the Ontario College of Teachers, Jennifer will be investigated for these offences committed during the 2015/16 academic year:

  • Telling a student: “Get that fu–ing thing out of here.”
  • “Why don’t you lick me where I fart,” she told a student that was chewing gum in the classroom.
  • Calling one of her students a “bloody pedophile”.
  • Told a student: “I’ve never told a student this before but f–k you!”
  • Said to the class: “It’s debate, not masturbate.”

The report from US Magazine says Jennifer has once appeared before Dunnville Secondary School’s discipline committee for similar vulgar expressions.

The educator was issued a suspension in January, 2016 for allegedly telling a male student: “So you like it from behind?” She made the comment after witnessing the abused child wrestle with another student in her classroom, an allegation he pleaded “no contest”.

Meanwhle students and parents who took part in Rate My Teachers  [a Canadian website] has mixed feelings. Opinions are surprisingly divided between the yeahs and nays.

One of the parents who rated Jennifer 5 out of 5 joked: “Any teacher who tells a student to lick me where I fart is awesome. Transfering my kid today.

“Good luck ma’am and thanks for teaching these kids how the real world conversations go when they get a job!”

Another parent who also rated the teacher 5 out of 5 wrote: “She has her own sttle of teaching.”

Another commenter wrote: “Ugly person, both inside and out.”

One of the students wrote this about Jennifer way back in May, 2005: “I think you need to revise your teaching methods; laughing and passing notes during people’s presentations.

“What are you, a child? You are the most unprofessional person I have ever met.”

Also in 2004, one of her students wrote: “Miss Green Johnson you need to grow up, you act like you’re a student, snubbing the kids you think aren’t ‘cool,’ you succeed in making students feel stupid, thanx.”

Lol! No, seriously, I’d rather save the laughter.

Jennifer has many friends just as much as the number of enemies she has made for herself. Seems she has her flaws as a human being – that type that no discipline committee can change.

No other student said it better that this. “Green you were the best teacher ever. Those after school extra help really helped 😉 you would always satisfy my cravings with your lust,” the student wrote September 20, 2016. Whatever that means.

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