Letter of Recommendation for Admissions 4


To the Review Committee:

I consider it an honor to recommend Irobiko Chimezie Kingsley for admission into Marshall University’s residency program. I got to know him during his Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) at Cabell Huntington where he spent nearly two months as a student pharmacist. His roles as a Preceptor included the rotation of in-patients, rendering assistance with staff pharmacist duties, monitoring of pediatric patient’s pharmacokinetic and handling medication therapy observations. I am writing this letter to show my unequivocal support based on our previous work relationship and my unique understanding of this amazing, complex and whole human being.

Chimezie dedicated himself to selfless service not only by proving his academic experience but convincing critics that every student can be distinctive if given a fair chance and an opportunity for self-exploration. He was humble, sociable, disciplined, full of respect for both staff and patients, exceptionally kind to his everyone, and has a pleasant personality. He always sacrificed his time to add meaning to other people’s lives; most inpatients as at the time he was with us, still hold good memories of him.

I find his analytical/theoretical reasoning, understanding of concepts, and application of empirical skills to be of premium quality. I am aware of his team spirit and burning desire to partner with colleagues, preceptors and mentors in the quest for proven knowledge which will not only enhance the quality of lives on earth but leave the holy grail of medicine and pharmacy in the hands of budding professionals who will champion the course of humankind in years to come.

Chimezie’s yearning for rare knowledge despite the setbacks, differentiates him as a high-flier; he dreams of a time when he would be able to make complex independent decisions about patient care as a distinguished medical practitioner and offer therapeutic recommendations. He wants to dedicate his life to serving patients, assisting physicians, and contributing to health provider’s decision-making process on patient care and medication therapy management.

In addition, Chimezie is concerned about eliminating medical errors, especially with patients on multiple prescription medications, and this serves as one of the underlying factors he craves for an advanced research knowledge at Marshall University, where he expects to stay in touch with latest breakthroughs in medications and new developments in medical treatments.

During his residency period, Chimezie shared hopes of utilizing his skills and knowledge tutoring students and residents beside his clinical trials and research studies, participating in charity work for community development, and contributing in the fight against opioid addiction. He is a workaholic, one that is dedicated to service for humanity and deserves a chance to achieve his life goals.

If the time I spent with him would qualify as a criterion for admission into this residency program, I find him suitable and, without reservation, recommend him very highly.


Prof. XYZ