Letter of Recommendation for Admissions 5


To Whom It May Concern:

I deem it a pleasure to recommend Irobiko Chimezie Kingsley for admission into Marshall University’s residency program. As his tutor, motivator, father figure and Chairman of Pharmaceutical Science & Research, I hereby attest that during his time with us at midyear clinic meeting, he convincingly showed his resolve to become a celebrated pharmacist whose achievements will transcend the healthcare sector. I realized there are quite a few students in my career who exhibited the same passion for solving strenuous academic challenges, problematical tasks and humbly inspiring others to excellence. He has been an exemplary student through our researches, medicinal chemistry lectures and the ongoing partnership for an academic manuscript.

Chimezie successfully completed his course and graduated with a good GPA. He once told me about his desire to complete his Pharmacy Education & Practice Residency so he could acquire the required foundation to pursue a promising career after gaining experience in research and publication process through an expected residency in internal medicine.

I would rate him among the top 5% of all students I have ever taught or conversed with. Permit me to describe him as a highly competitive, disciplined, motivated, organized and goal-oriented student who enjoys meddling with abstract ideas. He is honest, reliable, assertive and enthusiastic.

Chimezie fascinates me with his inclination towards finding new empirical ideas in mathematical logic and reasoning; application of such thoughts to solving real and abstract problems as well as initiating more efficient use of scientific equipment and maintenance methods. He is a certified researcher with demonstrated professional experience in Molecular Biology and Drug Development Process. His remarkable drive to impact in the lives of others and promote the field of science and medicine reflects on his participation during April, 2016’s Huntington Mission Fair for Education of Household Hazardous Material in Community and Cabell Huntington’s Immunization Delivery in Sept., 2016.

Chimezie has been a member of the American Pharmacists Association and American Society of Health System Pharmacists since 2015, a pointer to the wealth of academic and professional experience which I believe, qualifies him for admission into our residency program.

I am deeply impressed by his sense of involvement and ability to stay organized during research projects. His blazing intelligence and determination to expand his horizons sincerely deserves my first-rate recommendation for a higher-level research at Marshall University.


Mr. XYZ, Ph. D., MBA