Rocklesby or Brocklesby, Brocklesby or Rocklesby

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Having met the famous Dr Brocklesby at supper, Lord Mansfield engaged him in serious conversations and they shared stories – funny, weird and interesting.

The next morning he appeared before the judge in court, sitting in a witness-box; and on the strength of their previous evening’s doings the witness, on taking up his position, nodded to the Chief Justice with an offensive familiarity as to the boon of a companion.

His lordship taking no notice of the man’s salutation, carefully wrote down his evidence.

When it was time to sum it up to the jury, Lord Mansfield thus proceeded: “The next witness is one Rocklesby or Brocklesby, Brocklesby or Rocklesby – I am not sure which – and first he swears he is a physician.”

  • From The Law and Laughter