Khloe Kardashian caught smoking weed

Sometimes ganja happens and all you can do is smile about it, especially when you’re at a location where nature holds some value. Ask Khloe Kardashian.

The 32-year-old recently attracted attention from the media after she was pictured with marijuana in hand. It wasn’t her first time of taking center stage in celebrity news for some weird behaviors.

Our surprise came from the fact that she traveled to far away Costa Rica for a cool fix.

The world has seen some unbelievable things happen in the Kardashian-Jenner circle, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians is yet to erase any of those lingering memories. Little wonder we will never be able to keep up with these interesting women.

Khloe embarked on a vacation to Cuba for their latest KUWTK episode and thanks to the rolling cameras she was caught red-handed, giving her brother-in-law Scott Disick a hug with something suspicious in hand.

Call it a Cuban cigar or some kind of hand-rolled herbs, you don’t have to peep any further.

A report from TMZ confirmed the reality TV star was actually smoking joint.

You would, if you could, in Cuba!

Smoking marijuana — for health reasons or not — isn’t criminalized in the country, so Khloe knew where to stand her ground.

Khloe was spotted holding a joint in the recent episode! Source: E! Network


An insider told the news outlet: “Yes, that was a joint in her hand as she hugged Scott Disick. Producers didn’t mind Khloe shooting scenes with it because it was natural — she was having a good time with the fam in Costa Rica, and sometimes ganja happens.”

Her ganja experience in the Central American country isn’t her first time, anyways. Khloe made headlines in 2014 when she was pictured with then-boyfriend The Game smoking weed in a nightclub.

“She doesn’t smoke pot or cigarettes,” said a rep for the family who vehemently denied the obvious. “It’s a Hookah stick, which is tobacco free. It’s called Phantom Smoke.”

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