Keys to finding your Purpose in Life

Let’s assume you’re feeling unfulfilled, uninspired, goalless, or unclear of what purposes your life holds, you’re not alone in that quagmire; almost every successful person you know went through this stage of life.

There are quite a lot of books, videos and articles which probably tell stories of how you can live a fulfilled life although most of those pieces of advice are fool-proof methods.

Some of the unproven motivational tips sometimes make you feel like you’ve wasted a good number of years living the “wrong way.” Don’t worry about that. What I won’t promise in this write-up is that you’ll find my ideas a cat’s meow, but I’m very sure it’d be worth your time.

The first thing you need to do is taking a self-evaluation of how you’ve fared so far. This can be the most challenging adventure for everyone.

However, you’re advised to count your blessings first and try looking at the bright side of life.

If you’re yet to achieve your goals of living a meaningful and happy life, now is the right time to take actions which can turn things around in your favor.

What You Should Do:

Make A List Of Your Interests – This starts with a pen and piece of paper where you can make a purposeful list of everything that makes you happy, including your joys, ideas, skills and passions. These details form the bedrock of your future achievements.

Keep the journal in a safe place; it must be a private tool, something meant for your eyes only. By so doing, you’d be able to cut off distractions and discouragement from those who may not have faith in you.

Answer These Questions Candidly:

  • Are you truly happy with your life?
  • What has particularly made you proud of yourself?
  • What makes you feel alive and energized?
  • Do you feel happy everyday?
  • Are there things you like doing to make yourself happier?
  • What do you find interesting in other people?
  • If you had just a week to live, how would you spend it?

Providing answers to the questions above will offer a quick assessment of your life’s purpose, and highlight the areas you need to focus on.

Add the findings in your journal. This should be about everything in your job, private life, family and friends, which make you happy to be alive. Knowing what you truly love is the key to finding happiness, especially if they have no expected gains or monetary rewards attached as the sole reason.

For example, if you love your family life but has a job which keeps you away from home 24/7, you’re bound to get frustrated no matter the outrageous salaries.

Find Your Joy – People can work hard, make some good money, and still be sad. Whether you’re breaking the bank or not, it’s possible to simultaneously do what you love and earn a huge pay for it.

Are there things that you spend so much time doing happily without minding the clock? How about events, people, or things that made you laugh so much that your cheeks felt sore? It’s not always about financial rewards but finding a purpose for your life.

Look into your past and present, then you will surely make some shocking discoveries about how you may be able to change the world, or at least, improve your life for someone who is waiting on you to get inspiration.

Explore The World Around You – If you need really want to find your life’s purpose, trying stepping out of your shell. Carry out a personal survey on the purpose for humanity. Is it to work, live, merry and die? Or, is it to help others achieve their goals? How about leaving your mark in the sands of time?

Depending on your personal assessment and beliefs, you can achieve happiness by working on whatever you think is the purpose for your existence. There’s something you can contribute to make the world a better place.

Look For Inspiration In People – There are religious, political and government leaders who serve are idols – living or dead – to many of us. Whether you have love for musicians, comedians, business moguls, actors and actresses, finding the particular characteristics you love in these people and emulating them is a good way of finding your life’s purpose.

Leave Your Comfort Zone – Most successes in life come from risks taken at some point in one’s life; quitters are never winners, and achievements are not given for the mere asking of it.

If you’re comfortable with running your day-to-day life without dreams of a better tomorrow, I’m afraid, this article isn’t for you.

Lose your self-centered nature, explore the world outside, and it’d surprise you to know how much people really care about you. Interacting with others also helps you discover yourself. In this way, you can shape people’s opinion on your personality and make positive impacts in your relationships.

Seek Unbiased Opinions From Friends – We live in a world where sycophancy reigns supreme, but you can discover your strengths from close friends who are ever-willing to help with second opinions.

Interestingly, some of your actions, beliefs, and ideas may be inspiring them in a way you never knew. The knowledge will add a boost to your purpose in life.

Include Sub-purposes In Your Goals – Don’t be a perfectionist; stop thinking like we live in another planet. Your purpose should not revolve around one thing such as your career, marriage or business.

To live a fulfilled life, you are advised to include sub-goals in the plan. It could be something like “a decision to make your spouse smile always,” “creating more time for your family,” or “accepting that it is wrong to think in absolutes.”

Do Not Try To Please People – It’d be a futile effort trying to live on someone else’s approval. Be your own boss and take responsibilities for the choices you make. If you live because you expect people to say good things when you’re probably gone from this world, think twice.

*Remember that you’re permitted to change your goals in the future if you have needs to do so.