How to sustain your core motivation (purpose)

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Having meaning is simple. If you want to learn how to find motivation, just ask yourself a question: Why? Why are you pursuing a certain goal? If the reason is vague or unclear, then your motivational energy will be the same. While motivation provides you energy to do something, that … Continue reading How to sustain your core motivation (purpose)

Understanding motivation

Photo by Gerd Altmann on You likely know of people who have been doing the same thing for years and seem to not have any problem staying stagnant. Whether it be in their marriage, job, or personal endeavors, they seem to be getting along just fine without progressing towards anything “better.” On the other … Continue reading Understanding motivation

Keys to finding your Purpose in Life

Let's assume you're feeling unfulfilled, uninspired, goalless, or unclear of what purposes your life holds, you're not alone in that quagmire; almost every successful person you know went through this stage of life. There are quite a lot of books, videos and articles which probably tell stories of how you can live a fulfilled life … Continue reading Keys to finding your Purpose in Life