Kashim Shettima: What you probably don’t know about the Nigerian politician

Kashim Shettima is a Nigerian banker and controversial politician who served as Senator representing Borno Central between 2011 and 2019.

Shettima previously served as the Governor of Borno State from 2011 to 2019. A member of the All-Progressives Congress, he is the party’s vice-presidential nominee in the 2023 presidential election running alongside Bola Tinubu.

It was a rare opportunity for me, as active journalist and investigative reporter to be allowed to interview few among the over a hundred Lagos state dangerous thugs and other suspected miscreants arrested by the army brigade command. This exercise was carried out early part of this month of February 2023 in order to get rid of the terrorizing activities of motor park and political armed thugs at major or several areas of Lagos state.

At the very point of public and press announcements by the senior army officer in charge of the operation and lining up suspected criminals, some of us, the journalists were allowed to see the dangerous weapons and traditional charms being used by those thugs. At that juncture some of us, the inquisitive and investigative journalists requested from the raiding army officers the chance to interview some of the arrested suspects. And it was obliged, I met and interviewed few individuals until I was opportune down to meet this very middle aged and open-hearted man who was willing to answer so many of my questions even say more than I could imagine. He said that he was a member of Boko Haram arrested at Borno state in the year 2020 and taken to Abuja prison, later on many of them were moved to Lagos kirikiri prisons where they were released in 2022. Then they settled to mixed up with fellow northerners in Lagos.

Some of the freed Boko Haram members went into several areas to disguise as undercover armed motorcyclists, others hiding by hanging and helping many Nigerian, Mali and Nigerian northerners employed as gatekeepers, while others hawk food items and carry waste bins. And he said that they were mandated to register and having their voters’ cards which was automatically given to them to vote for A.P.C. because of Kasim Shettima.

For your general notice to Nigerians, making Kasim Shettima vice presidential candidate to Bola Ahmed Tinubu as electoral candidates of A P C from what this B.H. member confessed being secrets of Shettima if it is made known to true Muslims, Bola Tinubu and majority of Nigerians who do not know the secret ambitions of Kasim Shettima which we heard during our terrorism training in Sambisa Forest.

Let me just inform you (the journalists) that Kasim Shettima is an unremorseful die-hard jihadist.

(1.) He insists that Bola Tinubu is not a serious and true Muslim that is why Bola Tinubu’s wife is a Christian.

(2.) Kasim Shettima has the life ambition of changing the Nigerian Islamic rule so that supreme spiritual head of Muslims must not be the sultan of Sokoto only but forced to be rotational headship between the Shehu of Borno and sultan of Sokoto.

(3.) Once he enters Aso-Rock villa, he will take serious actions to quel the rebellion and banditry of the indigenous Hausa people against Fulani people.

(4.) Also said he will make subtle laws and measures against Igbo people separatist agitations and disrupt their businesses.

(5.) He must destabilize the militant and aggressive armed organizations of the Nigerian delta youths, whom their crude oil is already being pumped back underground in two northern states.

(6.) If eventually Kasim Shettima takes overpower due to ill health of Tinubu, to be president, which he is envisaging for himself in near future. He said that he will pretend and behave as if he loves the Yoruba people thereby incite them to hate Igbo people and encourage more Fulani-Kanuri people to invest heavily in Lagos, Ibadan and Port Harcourt thereby control the economy down southern Nigeria to the whole seaports and beyond.

(7.) While in the presidential office whether as vice or the real president I will monitor and fight hard to make sure the northern ethnics or tribes are full in control of seventy (70) percent of the human-materials sources of general armed forces of Nigerian federation.

To say the truth, I was deeply and really surprised at the reeling out of those hidden information from this particular freed Boko Haram agent to the extent of many of what he totally knows about northern politicians and their governments is terrible. Again, this same B.H. agent said that it is a devilish lifestyle and wickedness when northern politicians, businessmen and other powerful

Muslims boast of building stores (house) where they stack or heap up ill-gotten or govt. corrupt Nigerian money currencies along with foreign ones. But they refuse to bank them for general economic turnaround or investing these their personal surplus moneys on investment stocks, properties (assets) and profitable structures which can involve and benefit majority of the poor people of Nigeria. He revealed that the ruling political party have privately purchased thousands of electoral thumb-printing machines in the north, where thumb-printing of votes have started and that on the very official days of elections those voting – totals of the machines will be uploaded and transferred to main INEC websites and internet-server automatically. After my (the journalist) interview and discussions with this freed Boko-Haram member, I thanked him and prayed for him to repent. I was particularly happy for all these vital information that will right now reshape our electoral success, bring peace, economic growth, overcome insecurity and usher in better understanding among different tribes or religions and political leanings.

May I (journalist) beg everyone, whether within Nigeria and those in diaspora should quickly share and send this very important message, to go seriously viral. So that certain things revealed herewith can be immediately corrected before the new federal and states’ governments are ushered in or inaugurated. God Almighty is exposing them, and they will remain defeated, Amen.

By Bimpe Adeyonju