Why Peter Obi is a different politician

Peter Obi

I don’t think Peter Obi is a real Human Being.

But if they check and he is, then he definitely is not a Nigerian.

His father has questions to answer.

  1. Peter Obi rejected #700m monthly pension as Ex Governor.
  2. Peter Obi rejected lands given to Ex-Governors as part of their entitlement.
  3. Peter Obi rejected #500m House & Furniture Allowance as Chairman of Security & Exchange Commission, SEC, Abuja in 2015.
  4. Peter Obi rejected $1m dollars as prize money for being the First & Best Governor to achieve the 2020 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
  5. Peter Obi rejected the offer of an Oil Well, one of the reasons Nigerian Politicians kill to attain Abuja Status.
  6. Peter Obi rejected the allocation of millions of naira for the setup of office of the First Lady. Insisting that his wife was not an elected official.
  7. Peter Obi rejected the proposal to share the State annual budget on percentage with the State House of Assembly leading to his first unlawful impeachment.
  8. Peter Obi handed over about #75bn in cash and assets after 8 years as Governor, rejecting to convert it to personal use like other Governors did.

This man has conquered man’s most natural, intense and vicious appetite…Greed.

I want someone to prove just one of these statements to be false.