Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 Rated As “Worse Than Bad”, Kylie Jenner Disagrees.

As the New York Fashion Week kicks off in grand style with high expectations, Kanye West presented his Season 4 of Yeezy collection on Roosevelt Island–a location that displays Manhattan on one side and the Queensborough bridge on the other side.

Image shows the location of Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 with a view of Manhattan (Source: Washington Post).

The ‘Graduation’ rapper displayed a bevy of beautiful women, most of them wearing coats, hoodies and high heeled shoes under a sunny September sky, one reason critics think he failed.

Image from Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 show.

Reports confirm that most of the models fainted from the 30 degree heat.

Model passed out in the heat is given water by man in the audience but no one on the team helps. 4:35 AM – 8 Sep 2016

Many invited guests complained of the hot buses provided to ferry them there, and the pencil-heeled shoes given to models were too much of a pain than fashion. Besides, the show started 2 hours behind schedule with models having to wait under blistering heat. Too bad.

Image from Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 show.

While haters have rated Yeezy Season 4 as ‘disastrous’ and the worst so far, sister-in-law Kylie Jenner has been forced to leap in his defense.

One such struggle at the Roosevelt Island show in New York was captured on video with the caption: ‘Something’s wrong.’

As can be seen in the video, that model was struggling to stay upright in the shoes she’d been given.

Image shows models from Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4.

Notwithstanding the backlash from critics, Kylie found a better way to defend her colleague by posting: ‘Nothing? I’m so proud of her. She didn’t want to disappoint and she f*ckin pulled through and tried her best. She’s awesome.’

Kylie responded again to another tweet which suggested the model was a newbie and simply nervous. In her words: ‘Her heel broke. It’s not her fault.’

Now that’s where the truth came out. If her heel broke and it wasn’t her fault, then it’s Kanye’s.

Jake Woolf

@jakewoolf re: yeezy season 4, kind of a bummer to be such a huge kanye west fan (and apologist) and witness something pretty much indefensible. 9:04 PM – 8 Sep 2016

Image shows Tyga and girlfriend Kylie Jenner at the show.

The show was so poor that after a few models passed out, the surviving ones were offered some bottles of water by the audience so they could stay alive.


However, while people are complaining of the flop, Paper Magazine editorial director Michael Boardman told Entertainment Tonight that it was all in the name of art. He said: ‘It’s a beautiful occasion. I’m a big Yeezy fan.The thing is, he’s an artist. So it’s kind of hard to approach it from a fashion perspective …

‘You have to appreciate it as a happening and an experience.’

The event was exclusively livestreamed on Tidal.

Image from Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 show.

The Washington Post admits that despite all that transpired at the show, Kanye West is still admired “for his desire to deliver interesting, enduring clothes that don’t cost a fortune” – even with a pair of shoes costing more than $600 and a parka priced above $1,000.

YEEZY SEASON 4 wasn’t just a fashion show, it was a ceremony. 12:58 PM – 8 Sep 2016
More pictures from the event:
Image shows models on the runway.
Image shows the Kardashian sisters at the event.
A model walks solo on the runway.
Image shows Kanye West’s models from an aerial view.
Image shows Kylie, Kendal and Tyga among guests at the event.
A model walks on the runway at the event.
Models present Yeezy Season 4 collection.
Some models had to sit down on the grass, out of exhaustion.
Models on the runway.
Image shows Knaye West laughing off any sign of disappointment.
Yes, Yeezy was a disaster. No, we don’t need this many articles about it. Best thing to do is keep quiet, and decline the invite next year.

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  1. Kanye knows how to make serious headlines but the fact remains that he doesn’t care. He makes money, says rubbish about people, sells fake products, even as a billionaire.

  2. It was truly bad but one they said is, the quality of products offered at the shows won’t be the same as the stuff he’ll put up in shops. I don’t know if there’s any atom of truth in this.