Jason’s Law of Corruption: What every leader should know

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When Elevated To Positions Of Power And Authority, always remember: “JASON’S LAW OF CORRUPTION.”

Don’t mind the heavy-duty English grammar and the pronunciation it is what it is.


Nigerians are roughly bifurcated into two: the ruling wicked; and the waiting wicked.

On June 13, 1988, Pini Jason Onyegbaduo (1948 – 2013), a popular Nigerian columnist, propounded a “Hypothesis Of Corruption.”

The hypothesis was intellectually articulated in the now, defunct THISWEEK News-Magazine.

But unknown to Pini Jason, he had developed what would become known as “Jason’s Law Of Corruption.” The “Law” would subsequently help explain the unimaginable acts of corruption being perpetrated by Nigerians; and Africans in Leadership positions.

In a nutshell, Jason’s Law of Corruption states:

“The decibel of an average Nigerian’s public outcry is directly proportional to his distance from the opportunity to do exactly what he condemns.”

Jason’s Law further states:

“The difference between many a vociferous, sanctimonious and pontificating Nigerian and the villainous, itchy-fingered kleptomaniac is probably the absence of the opportunity to steal.”

Jason’s Law concludes:

“In all probability, should the opportunity occur, yesterday’s moral Crusader, is more likely to crumble and disappear under the weight of Corruption.”

Explained in simple terms, Jason’s Law maintains that the
farther the distance between a Nigerian (African) and power-authority position, the higher the noise he makes against acts of corruption; the nearer he is to the position, the lesser the noise he makes.

…and When in the Position, the noise Ceases completely.

Suffice to say that Jason’s corruption hypothesis has never failed the test when applied in the analysis of the bizarre behavior of Nigerians; and Africans in power.

It is in this light that the hypothesis has been appropriately upgraded to the status of a “Law Of Corruption.”

Therefore, whenever you are confronted with issues of Corruption in relation to erstwhile trusted Nigerian; and African individuals, who betrayed the trust reposed in them when elevated to positions of Power and Authority, always remember “JASON’S LAW OF CORRUPTION.”

This is very simple Fact for anybody to understand.

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