100 Nigerian current affairs you need to know

group of men in yellow uniform
Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Pexels.com


  1.  Who formed the political parties in Nigeria                  Herbert Macaulay
  2.  What does the eagle in the Nigeria coat of arms represent?     Strength
  3.  What was the first political party in Nigeria?                National democratic party
  4.  who was the first female vice chancellor in Nigeria      Grace William
  5. When was Nigeria formed?                                         1914
  6.  Who was the first Nigerian to become a noble laureate? Wole Soyinka
  7.  Which university is regarded as the premiere university in Nigeria? University of Ibadan
  8.  How many local governments do we have in Nigeria? 774
  9.  Who was the Nigeria first executive president?            Shehu Shagari
  10. Who gave Nigeria her name?                                     flora shaw
  11. Who designed the Nigeria flag?                                 Micheal Tawio Akinkumi
  12. Where was crude oil first discovered in Nigeria?        Oloibiri oilfird, ogbia bayelse.
  13. Who is the Nigerian current speaker of the house of Assembly      Femi Gbajabiamile
  14. What does the two horses on the Nigeria coat of Arm represent?   Dignity
  15. What does the white colour in the Nigeria flag stand for?    peace
  16. Nigeria is divided into how many geopolitical zone?  6
  17. What was the first capital city in Nigeria?                  Calabar
  18. Who is the current Nigeria deputy senate president?   Obasiri ovie omo agege
  19. Who is the minister of education in Nigeria                Adamu Adamu
  20. Who is the current chief of justice in Nigeria?            Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad
  21. When did Nigeria became a republic?                        1st October 1963
  22. When was the first military coup carried out in Nigeria?     1966
  23. What is the largest continent in the world? Asia with population 3,641,000,000
  24. What are the five oceans in the world?   Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, Arctic
  25. Who is the current senate president in Nigeria?           Sen. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan
  26. Which country flag is called the union jack?               Great Britain
  27. What is centenary?                                                    100 years
  28. Who is Nigeria chief of army staff?                           Gen. Abayomi Gabriel Olonishakin
  29. Who is the current INEC chairman?                           Mohamood yakubu
  30. Who is the current NAFDAC director General?          Olushola Adeyeye
  31. Who is the current inspector general of police?           IGP Usman Alkali Baba
  32. Who is the current chairman of Africa union?             Abdel fathahel sisi
  33. How many senators does Nigeria has?                       109
  34. What is Nigeria national motto?   Unity and faith, peace and progress.
  35. Who is the current vice president of Nigeria?   Prof. Yemi Osinbajo
  36. The first general election was held in.   1959
  37. The first military government in Nigeria was headed by  Gen. Agunyi ironsi
  38. The first governor general of colonial Nigeria was Lord Lugard
  39. While political parties aim at forming a government, Pressure group aim at influencing government Decision.
  40. Which country does Nigeria share boundaries with? Benin in the west, Niger in North, Chad and Cameroon in the east.
  41.  An election which is conducted to fill a vacant seat in the Legislative is called  by election.
  42. Which country recently test fired a nuclear capable ballistic Missile named k – 4. Which is launched from submarine?  India
  43.  What is the name of the storm that hit the United Kingdom in February 2020.   Dennis
  44.  Which Organization announced a 500-billion-dollar package for Low-income countries to combat corona virus outbreak.  I.M.F
  45.  The united nation has raised USD 7.7 billion in humanitarian Aid for the people affected by war in which country?  Syria
  46.  W.H.O approves emergency use of sinophaim vaccine, Developed by which country? China
  47. What year did General Yakubu Gowon created 12 states?  27th May 1967
  48. What year did General Emeka Ojukwu fied into exile; His deputy de él Philip Effiong became acting President of Biafra?  January 8, 1970
  49. What year was Kanji Dam was commissioned at the cost of $ 180m.      15 January, 1970
  50. What year was Nigeria National Petroleum Co-operation was established? April 1st 1971
  51. Kobo and Naira was introduced as a legal tender in what year?  January 1, 1973
  52. Abuja was proclaimed to be the Federal Capital Territory under Decree No.6 of 1976 in what year?  April 4th, 1976
  53. FESTAC 77 was held in Nigeria in what year?  15 January 1977
  54. What year did Pope John Paul Ill visited Nigeria.?  February 18,1982
  55.  Chief Obafemi Awolowo died in what year?   May 9, 1987
  56. Nigerian Police Force changed uniform to Black and Black in what year? April 4, 1988
  57. -Babangida moved the seat of government to Abuja in what year? December 12, 1991
  58. In what year did MKO Abiola won the Presidential election, but President Ibrahim Babangida annulled the election.  June 12, 1993
  59. In what year did the Abacha administration arrested former Head of State, Olusegun Obasanjo for allegedly supporting a secret coup plot?  March 13, 1995
  60. In what year did Former Head of State, Olusegun Obasanjo was released from prison.

June 15, 1998

  • In what year did GSM Operators were licensed to commence operations in Nigeria?

February 9, 2001

  • In what year did 0rganizationof African Unity (OAU) changed to African Union. July 19, 2003
  • In what year did Pope John Paul Il die.  April 2,2005
  • NEPA was changed to Power Holding Company of Nigeria PHCN in what year? May 31, 2005
  • In what year did Paris Club of rich lenders agree to write off two-thirds of Nigeria’s $ 30bn foreign debt?  2005 July
  • Nigeria witnessed total and partial eclipse of the sun across the country in what year?

March 29, 2006

  • Who translated the Bible into the Yoruba language and compiled a Yoruba dictionary?

Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther

  • When was Dr. Chuba Wilberforce Okadigbo became the President of the Nigeria Senate.

(December 17, 1941, September 25, 2003

  • Who was the first Nigerian nationalist, politician, engineer, journalist, and musician. Herbert Macaulay (1864-1946)
  • Who was the third Commonwealth Secretary-General and the first African to head hat post? Chief Emeka Anyaoku, GCVO, CON (born January 18, 1933)
  • Who was the founder of the Action Group political party. And the first prime minister of the Western Region between 1959 and 1960. Obafemi Awolowo (1909-1987)
  • In what year Samuel Ladoke Akintola was assassinated in Ibadan the capital of Western Region on the day of Nigeria’s first military coup?  15th January 1966
  • In what year was sir Abubakar Tafawa Balwewa was overthrown and killed in a military coup?  January 15, 1966.
  • The dreaded Okija shrine in Okija, Anambra State was demolished by the Police in what in what year? August 13, 2004
  •  The Obasanjo administration established the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to tackle the human and ecological issues in the Niger Delta region of southern Nigeria in what year? June 5, 2000
  • Religious riots erupted in Kaduna over the implementation of Sharia law in what year? May, 2000
  • June 15, 1998 – Former Head of State, Olusegun Obasanjo was released from prison.
  • Where is the headquarters of African Union?   Addis Ababa of Ethiopia
  • Ibibio ethnic group is predominantly found in which state in Nigeria? Akwa Ibom
  • What is the highest mountain in world?  Mount Everest
  • The currency of South Africa is called?  Rand
  • Which country in Africa has its capital as Free Town? Sierra Leone
  •  Which state in Nigeria is referred to as the Coal City State?  Enugu
  • What town in Nigeria is famous for plywood production?  Sapele
  • Which country first won the world cup?  Uruguay
  • What is the capital of Russia?  Moscow
  • How many states are in Southern Part of Nigeria? 17
  • When was ECOWAS founded?  1975
  • Which state in Nigeria has the least number of Local Government areas? Bayelsa
  • Where is the commercial capital of Nigeria? Lagos
  • Who is the head of Islam in Nigeria?  Sultan of Sokoto
  • Who is the first indigenous medical doctor?  Eyitayo Lambo
  • Who discovered River Niger?   Mongo Park
  • Which country has its capital as Cairo in Africa?    Egypt
  • What is the new date of Democracy Day?  June 12
  • What is the world’s second largest continent?  Africa
  • Which country won the 2022 FIFA World cup?   Argentina
  • When was Nigeria’s second republic?  1979-1983
  • President Buhari was first elected as Democratic president of Nigeria in   2015