Janet Jackson Had A SECRET Child As A Teen.

Michael Jackson‘s sister, Janet Jackson is alleged to have had a secret love child as a teenager. Conrad Murray, who was a personal doctor to the ‘King of Pop’, reveals in a tell-all book that the teen girl’s ex-boyfriend told him everything in a letter.


Image shows Janet Jackson and ex-husband DeBarge (Source: RadarOnline).

Conrad was a close member of the family for many years, prior the MJ’s death.

The doctor who remains accused for the music icon’s death, has written a book titled: ‘This Is It!” He’s coming clean with every little but dirty secret he knows about the famous family.

According to a RadarOnline.com report, Conrad “recalls his unlikely friendship with Janet Jackson‘s first husband, James DeBarge, as the two were coincidentally imprisoned in the same facility back in 2012″.

At the time of his incarceration, the doctor spent just two weeks in prison though he was sentenced to four years on charges of involuntary manslaughter for the role he played or failed to play as Michael Jackson’s doctor in the 2009 drug overdose death.

The report says, one day after a court date, the disgraced doctor claims the ex of his former patient’s sister dropped a bombshell: He was the father of the pop star’s secret baby!

“Conrad, I just can’t hold it in anymore,” DeBarge allegedly said in a handwritten letter, dated May 3, 2012. “I found out I have a daughter when I was with Janet.”

“I always felt it was a part of me missing….Now everything makes sense.”

DeBarge claimed Michael Jackson’s family never told him about the pregnancy or secret birth. The baby girl who was later “adopted off” is now an adult, and asking to know her real father.

“I’m so excited I don’t know what to do,” he continued.

DeBarge added that he’s in no way angry with the secret kept away from him. He said: “I’m [grateful] and overjoyed.”

Image: Janet Jackson

Both got married in 1984 and the marriage was short-lived, lasting only about one year. The pop star was 18 years old at the time and her ex-husband was said to be 12 years older, the report said.

The hidden truth is this, James DeBarge and Janet Jackson were never married. They fell in love and “eloped”, only to announce a marriage that was later annulled few months later by the Jackson family. This is why her pregnancy was kept a secret, to cover the shame.

RadarOnline reported back in May that a lady had approached DeBarge with claims to be his daughter with the 50-year-old songstress.

“Someone had contacted me. She spoke to me by email,” he said. “The first time was two years ago. I have not been able to directly see her face-to-face.”

“She was angry because another child was trying to come forward and say that she was our child. So she did out of anger.

“She described as much as she could tell me because she was very fearful at the time,” he continued. “She was very angry about people running with this story about this [other child] being my baby. She got very angry. She’s like, ‘Papa I want to help you out.’ She had so much of personality and she was so accurate with everything she was saying, it was only things that I and Janet know. No one else but god, me and Janet.”

“She called me ‘papa,’” DeBarge said.

“She didn’t want to get her mom in trouble. She wanted to do it quietly. She didn’t even want Janet to know.”

Image: Janet Jackson


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