Is Google an ethical company?

Google ads 2022 in India

Google is so powerful that it hides other search engines from us.

We simply do not know about the existence of most of them.

Meanwhile, there are still a large number of excellent search engines in the world that specialize in books, science, and other smart information.
Here a list of sites you’ve might never heard of. is a search engine for academic resources. More than a billion sources – search the content of 20,000 global libraries. – access to more than 10 million scientific documents: books, articles, is a library of published bioscientific journals – Volunteers from 102 countries collected nearly 4 million publications is a U.S. government search engine for more than 2200 scientific sites. is the largest website for free download of PDF books. Claim more than 225 million titles. is one of the most powerful search engines for academic research texts. More than 100 million scientific articles, 70% of which are free.

Do you know them? Or you use others?

Google is not an ethical company. In fact, it is in some very important respects extremely unethical.

As the saying, goes, “power corrupts”; and Google is insanely powerful. Without guidance of human conscience it is bound to misuse this power. But human conscience resides only in individuals, not corporations. Indeed, the very danger of Google is that it thinks it can replace on this planet individual human conscience with a system of false ethics designed by calculations, algorithms, and ‘scientific theories’ about what’s best for the human race. Google has no respect for individuals, nor traditional religions. It thinks it is on a mission to transform the human race — but that is hubris of the most extreme form. Google thinks it’s God!

The greatest evils are always committed in the name of ‘acting ethically.’ Hitler believed he was merely ‘acting ethically.’

If you want a more specific answer, Google is in bed with the banks, Wall Street, and the governments of the US and Western Europe.