Importance of sanctity of marriage today

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Why is the sanctity of marriage important? How do you define the sanctity of marriage today? Or maybe, the right question is, does the sanctity of marriage still exist? Today, marriage is only a formality. 

It’s a way for couples to show the world that they have their perfect partners and to show the world how beautiful their relationship is. It’s just so sad that most couples today decide to get married without the essential bond – that is, the guidance of the Lord.

Today, anyone can get married even without preparations, and some even do it for fun. They can also now get a divorce anytime they want as long as they have money, and today, it’s just sad to see how people use marriage so simply, not having any idea how sacred marriage is.

Therefore, it just becomes even more important to preserve the sanctity of marriage in today’s day and age.

An agreed statement on the sanctity of marriage

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the agreed statement on the sanctity of marriage talks about its importance in today’s world, where lifestyles, changes in culture, and other factors have influenced the sanctity of marriage. You can read the full statement here. 


The sanctity of marriage is a topic of debate in various societies, especially today. While each religion may define the sanctity of marriage differently, fundamentally the idea is more or less the same. It is essential to understand the sanctity of marriage and its importance.

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