‘I don’t know how much I earn,’ says pretty Singaporean Actress Eleanor Lee

Eleanor Lee, daughter to the Singapore-based Taiwanese host and actress Qian Yu Fong, says she’s horrible at Maths and therefore can’t be sure of her gross earnings.

Born Eleano Yu (full names Eleanor Lee Kai Xin), the pretty singer is married to a Singaporean but resident in China. Her earnings skyrocketed in 2015 after she featured in Apple’s 90-second commercial Apple Girl.

Eleanor is considered one of China’s hottest celebrities at the moment. She’s believed to have earned a 6-figure paycheck from the tech giant in an acting career which so far blossomed into a money spinner for the little angel.

The 17-year-old has a fast-expanding resume, and there’s proof that her bank account is getting fatter by the day, too.

In 2015, she played a lead role in a popular fantasy drama series titled “Tribes and Empire.”

Apart from her role in Lay’s “commercial opposite,” as critics would prefer to call it, the pretty-faced actress also starred in “A Restaurant With Many Problems,” and still counting.

Although she’s currently busy with another movie series where she’s playing lead role as a student, Toggle.sg had a brief chat with her at this year’s Star Awards Ceremony.

Image: Eleanor Lee

She attended the ceremony as a special guest for her mom’s induction as a member of the All-Time Favorite Artistes.

At the event, Eleanor was asked about her earnings but she refused to give out the secret, citing “bad maths” as responsible for her inability to disclose the answer.

In her words: “My mum and godfather (Addy Lee) are the ones who are in talks with my agency, I really don’t know how much I’m earning.

Giggling as she spoke with the news outlet, she revealed that she’s still on allowance just like every other teenager in her age bracket.

“Previously, my allowance would come from my mum’s earnings, but now it comes from my earnings,” she chuckled.

“Since I’m earning some income, I think I should be financially independent.”

Describing her expenditure on the “allowance,” she said: “I mostly spend on living expenses like food and transportation fees.”

Eleanor has also collaborated with a Beijing-based artist for two pieces of artwork which sold at $13,500 each, so she’s also considered as an artist.

“I’m always painting and drawing at home, and my room is filled with so many art supplies that my mother is thinking of converting the guest room into a proper art studio for me,” she said of her second hobby during an interview at an exhibition.

“And now I’m so happy I got the chance to work with Wu Qiong on these pieces. I’m really happy about them.”

Elanor is a graduate from an international school in Singapore. Prior to becoming an actress, she modeled for  Addyli Hair Care Product.