Beautiful Waitress fired for a One-night Stand with famous actor Orlando Bloom

A beautiful waitress who is also an aspiring actress has lost her hotel job after a night-stand with famous actor Orlando Bloom, who was in the UK to promote his new movie.

Pals of Viviana say there had been undeniable sexual tension between the ex-waitress and the A-lister

Image: Vivian Ross

According to a report from UK’s popular news outlet The Sun, she had ended her night shift before frolicking with Bloom until her manager, like a peeping Tom, caught sight of the girl nestling on the actor’s bed.

Media reports say she was stark naked when fame came knocking.

The pretty young woman named Viviana Ross is only 21 but has a soft spot for the 40-year-old who recently called it quits with popular singer Katy Perry.

Orlando reportedly visited London to promote his new film “Unlocked,” which New York Daily reported to have received some negative reviews — not because of the sex scandal, anyway.

Romanian Viviana moved to the UK two months ago to pursue a film career.

Image: Vivian Ross

Nonetheless, a starstruck Viviana offered more than her paid services by pouring drinks for the older “Pirates of the Caribbean” star and chatting him up without reservations. Love know no bounds, they say.

For the awesome services rendered, a friend to the waitress confirmed to The Sun that he invited her to his luxury Chiltern Firehouse restaurant and hotel, to make acquaintance after work hours.

Although Vivian was at the five-star suite for some shots, the tabloid quotes her friend, Bloom got up very early in the morning and left for an interview, leaving the young girl clutching her bed sheet until she was busted by one of the managers.

Poor girl! She never expected to end such a sweet dream so soon, but not until the surprised manager asked, “You work here?”

And she responded as any young girl who had just spent some quality time with her idol, “Yes, why?”

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The manager quickly closed the door and left, unnecessarily burying his head in shame.

However, Vivian received the worst news of the day when she got a text which informed her that the waitress job was terminated because she dared to “fraternize with customers.”

Her friend said she was badly hurt by the action from her employer, but still has the memories of an incredible sex to keep.

It was love at first sight for Vivian and Bloom, Page Six reported.

Both lovebirds had a few drinks after meeting for the first time, and before one could spell JACK, they ended up in bed.

Just like Paris in Troy, the actor has always loved women who surely know how to reciprocate. But unfortunately, he leaves destruction in his wake.

Orlando recently split from his long-term girlfriend Katy Perry

Image shows Vivian and Bloom while the romance lasted.

“There was real electricity between her and Orlando from the moment they saw each other,” said the tipster, according to The Sun’s report.

“She said she had an amazing time and his body was very good. He was an exceptionally good lover.

“She said it was like fireworks were going off between them. In the room they had a gin and tonic and then started kissing.

“He made the first moves. He’d been staying at the hotel for five days and the sexual tension had been building up.

“In the morning he left early for an interview and Viviana stayed in bed — but that was a mistake.”

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