How you can help save our seas

The United Nations Environmental Programme’s Clean Seas campaign serves to connect smaller organisations wanting to make a difference in the ocean waste problem. Its research has made awareness tools available to the public that truly put the plastic problem in perspective – even we use their infographics.

Currently, it is cheaper for companies to simply make new plastic from crude oil than it is to recycle. We can make a change by demanding sustainable alternatives and so drive the market to develop the technology needed to solve this problem.


Change starts with our shopping habits – let’s keep that in mind this World Oceans Day.

“Every tear you cry ends up back in the ocean system. Every third molecule of carbon dioxide you exhale is absorbed into the ocean and every second breath you take comes from the oxygen produced by plankton. Wherever you are in the world, this applies to you. ” – André Roux, founder of 7SEASROPE.

Support local initiatives that are taking action at a local level to solve the problems of marine plastic – if we all make a local change, it adds up to a global one. The Two Oceans Aquarium has a few initiatives that we encourage members of the public and South African businesses to be a part of.


These campaigns from Aquarium include our flagship Rethink the Bag project, aiming to completely eliminate single-use plastic bags from South African life. Straws Suck, Balloon Busters, Tap In, Bin Your Butts and Cut A Loop are all programmes that you can easily implement at home or with your kids. Why not commit voluntarily to one of these?

The Two Oceans Aquarium is also directly involved in the conservation of sea turtles, rescue and monitoring of Cape fur seals and other marine creatures – many of which have become injured or have ingested plastic waste.


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