Taiwanese celebrity sisters explain how you can spot a vixen


An old video of Taiwanese celebrity sisters Barbie and Dee Hsu on a variety show has been making the rounds online recently, inciting much discussion amongst netizens.

Barbie and Dee Hsu 1.jpg

Image: Barbie and Dee Hsu

In the video clip, Barbie and Dee were discussing relationship deal-breakers. In the course of their discussion, the topic of “third parties” came up, with the sisters sharing that there is one person that you should be especially wary of.

According to them, those who are in a relationship should be extra careful if their boyfriend has a female friend who they treat as “one of the guys”.

“There’s nothing else you can say, she’s definitely a vixen,” Barbie and Dee declared. “As long as the words, ‘she’s one of the guys’ are uttered when describing her, she’s automatically a vixen, (someone who will steal your boyfriend away from you).”

Dee shared, “If someone like that appears around your boyfriend, then you’re definitely being cheated on, if not, then you’re about to be cheated on.”

Barbie then went one step further by sharing that if the female friend in question is introduced to the girlfriend as a “god-sister”, as long as the girlfriend is harsh towards her, the “god-sister” will be frightened off.

Their comments drew mixed reactions from netizens, with some commenting that the sisters were absolutely right. However, others felt that Barbie and Dee went overboard with their blanket statements.