Guide to ultimate intimacy for Christian couples

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Intimacy is one of the absolute treasures of marriage.

To have intimacy, there has to be trust, and praying together brings out and develops trust between a couple in the company of God.

Prayer can highlight every vulnerability, show every flaw in a person and it often brings out a hidden strength that perfectly molds a marriage in the way God intends. Many people would jump to the “Wives submit to your husband” scripture found in Ephesians 5:22-23, but praying together is more about submitting to each other and submitting to God as a couple to ensure a marriage remains strong. It is at this point that the apex of intimacy with each other and with God is found.

A Constant Foundation

Ultimately prayer in a marriage brings a couple closer together. The act of praying as a couple spreads into the family and soon becomes a powerful habit passed down and on through generations.

However, what praying together does do over and above all, is focus attention on the ultimate source of everything.

Placing Christ at the very head of the family and respecting this by praying together forges strong marriages that last and families grow stronger than most can imagine.

Our world is a turbulent place filled with ever-changing situations and emotions. As a couple we will have good weeks and bad weeks. But returning to the source of everything resets us.

Prayer becomes a constant habit that we can lean on in through our hectic and stressful lives. By putting ourselves at the feet of our Creator through prayer, we are able to keep in mind the broader picture of our place in this world and by doing so we are able to become better people for God and for each other.

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