How chat apps affect English language

English language has suffered the most since smartphones and chat apps became a household name everywhere around the world.

To prove this fact, here’s a conversation between Mike and Dora on WhatsApp. Enjoy!

*Mike :* Hi dear.
*Dora :* ✋
*Mike :* How are you .??
*Dora :* 😊👍
*Mike :* Missing me..?
*Dora :* 😜😉
*Mike :* I’m not feeling well…
*Dora :* 😱
*Mike :* How was your day..?
*Dora :* 👌
*Mike :* Are you busy.??
*Dora :* ✔
*Mike :* Why ?? What are you doing ??
*Dora:* 💄💅
*Mike :* Is there anyone near you..?
*Dora :* ❌
*Mike :* Why don’t you reply in words? Why are you using smiley faces?
*Dora :*- 😥😡
*Mike :* I heard you failed in English?
*Dora:* Who telled you ? It is unpossible.. I went to saw the resalt yestathey… I Passed away all my educations
*Mike :* Hmmm lets go back to smileys pls 😳😳😳
*Dora:*- ok dear, God blast u.

😂😂😂😂😂 Don’t laugh alone, remember there is love in sharing…