Hollywood’s Newest Neutral Make-up

Olivia Wilde, Beauty, Oscars 2016

Give it all to Hollywood’s Olivia Wilde for her newest neutral make-up style which gave her an astounding recognition at the Oscars. Kudos to her celeb makeup artiste, Suzie Kim who shared the secret to such charming eyes.

1: Start with applying a champagne-colored liquid eye shadow across the entire lid.


2: Blend the cream shadow upward using an eye shadow brush in order to concentrate the cream shadow on the inner corner of the lid.


3: Apply loose copper colored shimmer onto the eye lid—this time concentrating the shadow on the outer corner of the lid. “The cream shadow really helps bind the loose shimmer so that it stays in place,” noted Suzie.


4: With a fluffy brush, blend the two shadows on the lid.


Now you don’t need to be an actress to look like one.

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