Here’s how you can help save the World with PETA

PETA, the animal rights group which came under fire for using bikini-clad women in its sexed-up Wimbledon marketing stunts, has called on everyone to help save planet earth from mankind.

Everywhere in the world, and definitely somewhere around you, animals are fighting hard to live. And we can’t pretend this isn’t happening.

Animals are used for entertainment purposes, kept in chains, beaten and worse still, eaten by humans.

Most of these endangered species are cut down alive for their furs and skin which are used for fashion — clothes, shoes, bags and more.

Even shampoos, body creams and soaps are now made from animal extracts.

It’s a shame that medicine, which aims to save humans from diseases and death, is at the front-line of animal cruelty.

Scientists subject animals to torture and horrific punishments when they’re used for life-threatening experiments even though the act seems to serve the greater good. What could be worse?

PETA says we should consider veggie hot dogs, stressing that we all need to try “delicious cruelty-free wieners” instead.

What’s REALLY in your hotdog? 😷

A Twitter user kristoff_grant replied to PETA’s warning, saying:  “I haven’t died yet, so at this point I really don’t care.”

“Dat hot dog ain’t 🅱️oneless,” another one responded.

“HAVE is the keyword. Everything HAS been found and everything. I bet all that stuff HAS been found in veggie dogs,” reads another comment on PETA’s Twitter page.

“How could you diss hot dogs it is the most American meal,” someone added.

“We already know this it’s just at this point in life nobody cares,” said one honest Twitter user.

Sadly, someone who doesn’t really care about saving his life or those of others, wrote: “Yeah we all know what’s in hot dogs already. We just don’t care.”

“Everyone can eat what they want. It is not your job to tell people what they can and can’t eat,” tigers472 joined in the protest.

Pamela Anderson Seals PSA

Popular vegan activist Pamela Anderson celebrated her birthday on 1 July, and the hot-shot who just turned 50, stripped down for her annual PETA campaign. She has been doing it for 20 years now.

Ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration earlier this year, Pamela sent Melania a fur-free coat manufactured by a Russian faux-fur manufacturer Only Me, as part of her efforts to sensitize everyone.

* What would you do to save lives with PETA? Feel free to air your opinion.