Heard of Visiobibliophobia?

Visiobibliophobia is among the many ***phobias we hear in our everyday lives. Coined by some good-thinking scientists – maybe – visiobibliophobia refers to the fear of social media which include but not only facebook.

When someone suffers from visiobibiophobia, they get worried about their social media, checking it over and over again, taking selfies and posting them online, snapping nude pictures, sexting and texting all day even while driving. They are so addicted to these habits because they don’t want to miss the joy of not doing so.

In this way, people suffering from visiobibliophobia won’t admit it’s a bad habit. If it’s fun, brings money and fame, how can it be wrong?

You can just cure this phobia by just deleting your accounts and leaving your smart phone or computer alone.

Kim Kardashian North West, Kanye Snapchat

Kim Kardasian is undoubtedly suffering from this phobia but young North West isn’t giving in to that addiction. She hates snapchat.  In fact she hates to see Kim twist face and mouth, stick out tongue or pose naked for the world to see.

North isn't sure

Recently, the 2-year-old North halted Kim’s Snapchat video in which she was made to face some scary crazy filters in red.

In the video, little North can be heard telling her mum that she’s “scared” of “snap, snap”. That was when Kim realized that the “crazy filters” could lead to convulsion.

Damn Kim, for trying to use North to promote her Snapchat. Kim Kardasian joined this part of social media few days ago with expectations to gain more followers after a long wait and her presence on the photo-sharing application is already creating issues between her and her husband Kanye West.

Kanye West doesn’t like the fact that Kim posts videos of their daughter North West online despite the kid protesting and saying she is not interested.

North hates SnapChat

Bet North will be kicking some ass in the coming years. She might bring Kim the cure to her visio-bloody-phobia.

North West Interrupted Kim's Video To Tell Her She Hates Snapchat

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