3 Ways Suffering Produces Sanctification.

“Why?” is the question many of us ask of the Lord when something tragic happens in our lives or in the life of someone we know. There’s story after story of suffering in the Bible, but very seldom do we know why the people suffered. On this topic Paul wrote: We also rejoice in our … Continue reading 3 Ways Suffering Produces Sanctification.

Heard of Visiobibliophobia?

Visiobibliophobia is among the many ***phobias we hear in our everyday lives. Coined by some good-thinking scientists - maybe - visiobibliophobia refers to the fear of social media which include but not only facebook. When someone suffers from visiobibiophobia, they get worried about their social media, checking it over and over again, taking selfies and … Continue reading Heard of Visiobibliophobia?