The fear of criticism

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Every person on this planet is afraid of something, no matter how emotionally, physically, mentally or psychologically balanced we seem to be. Most fears are inherited, some inculcated, while some are identified from close observation within our environment as well. We as humans at one point in our lives, … Continue reading The fear of criticism

Kendall Jenner Has A Phobia.

It seems there's hardly any superstar in the world without a phobia or some other destructive habits, not even Kendall Jenner. Being famous and wealthy comes with special problems but if those problems aren't bad enough to lead to bankruptcy then it's alright. What can I say? History lives to testify of great celebrities who made … Continue reading Kendall Jenner Has A Phobia.

Heard of Visiobibliophobia?

Visiobibliophobia is among the many ***phobias we hear in our everyday lives. Coined by some good-thinking scientists - maybe - visiobibliophobia refers to the fear of social media which include but not only facebook. When someone suffers from visiobibiophobia, they get worried about their social media, checking it over and over again, taking selfies and … Continue reading Heard of Visiobibliophobia?