Healthcare workforce crisis: The challenges and way forward

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Case Study for Projects

MBA Healthcare Management, XYZ University

Around the world there is a known and exacerbating healthcare workforce crisis, estimating a shortfall of nearly 18 million staff by 2030 (WHO 2020). This is highly likely to have a direct impact on patient care, staff wellbeing, and therefore attraction to healthcare roles. There will be multiple indirect impacts from this shortfall on economic development, education and training, and population health.

This project will explore the current situation relating to the healthcare workforce in several countries of your choice. You are asked to prepare a briefing and presentation answering the learning outcomes and key questions.

To assess the situation, it is imperative that the throughput time for healthcare professions is known. Consider this from policy establishment, through to programmes starting, and finally the healthcare professional commencing in an employed role.

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically evaluate the healthcare workforce situation around the world
  • Critically describe the measures being taken to improve the healthcare workforce situation
  • Critically review how leadership practices can support a growing healthcare workforce

Key Questions

Your project should consider the following:

  • A literature review to identify issues and opportunities for the healthcare workforce
  • Identify several countries which you can analyse
  • Appraisal of the current situation within those countries
  • What is the best methodology to assess the healthcare workforce issues?
  • What measures can be taken to improve the healthcare workforce?
  • How does leadership practices support the healthcare workforce?
  • Is it possible to rectify the estimated shortfall?
  • Using evidence, what recommendations could be made that can have a positive impact?
  • How effective will these recommendations be?
  • What practical steps can be taken based on your recommendations?

Reading List

Britnell, M. (2019) Human: Solving The Global Workforce Crisis In Healthcare. Oxford: Oxford University Press

OECD (2020) ‘Empowering the health workforce: Strategies to make the most of the digital revolution’. Paris: OECD

World Health Organisation (2020) ‘Global strategy on human resources for health: Workforce 2030’. Geneva: World Health Organisation