Gigi Hadid says only this color makes her happy

Simplicity, honesty, kindness and humility are among the many qualities we love in Gigi Hadid, and you probably know the charismatic supermodel enjoys feeling like a character anytime she’s in public eye.

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Image: Gigi Hadid

Gigi, 22, recently revealed there’s only one color which brings her happiness. And it’s may not be exactly what you’re thinking right now.

The 2016 International Model of the Year says she’s always happy in yellow outfits.

Speaking in an interview with PEOPLE about her style choices, Gigi admitted that her choice of color often determines how she feels, and no other color has such a mood-lifting impact as yellow because it brings her instant joy.

‘One thing I always have on my mind while dressing up is to feel like a character. Doing this gives me some kind of inspiration…It guarantees an essence of who you can be that day,’ she told the news outlet at Reebok’s Year End Holiday Party in New York City

‘This 2018 will see me in my favorite color always, but whichever color is the one that makes you smile when you wake up in the morning is the one for you that day.

‘For me, I’d always go for yellow. It’s the only color that makes me happy always.

‘My approach to style is that I dress based on how I feel that day but this may not be applicable to other people… If anyone looks in the mirror and feels excited with what they see, that’s happiness.

‘My advise is simple. Have fun with yourself and be real.’

The California-born fashion model is a brand ambassador for the sportswear giant Reebok.

Gigi recently revealed how comfortable she feels wearing a pair of sneakers, adding that she can’t live with it.

‘If I’m not at ease with my outfit, I feel less confident,’ she said, ‘2017 was about the Reebok Classic leather sneakers and they are my favorite, so I’ll be wearing them throughout 2018, too.’

The pretty model who is in love with former One Direction singer, Zayn Malik, said she wears sneakers both in and out of the gym.

In her words, ‘I’d rather wear sneakers than any other shoes because It’s so important for me to be comfortable, and happy.’

Talking to Glamour magazine about Gigi’s love for getting dressed without following the trends, her stylist, Mimi Cuttrell said: ‘[Gigi’s] goal is to make meaningful, powerful looks, and to show that she can have fun wearing really bright colors or just wearing new things, you know, playing up your true self rather than having this thing where everyone thinks you have to dress a certain way.’

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Gigi is a true star, Cuttrell admitted, because the model has been kind to growing fashion outfits by wearing their products. For example, she wore clothes from Jean Atelier, Orseund Iris, and Christian Dada, pairing them with fashion items from the established brands like Reebok, H&M, and Tommy Hilfiger.

‘By doing this,’ Cuttrell said, ‘Gigi gives these growing businesses a global platform, which can be huge for any small company.’