SUICIDE: Korean celebrities mourn loss of SHINee’s main vocal, Kim Jonghyun

Korean boyband SHINee’s main vocal, Kim Jonghyun, reportedly left the world on 18 December. He was found unconscious in a rented residential hotel in Seoul, South Korea’s Gangnam district in the early evening on Monday, and rushed to a hospital where doctors certfied him dead.

The 27-year-old’s death, which police believe to be a suicide case, sent shock waves throughout the entertainment industry.

SHINEE Kim Jonghyu.jpg

Image shows SHINee’s main vocal, Kim Jonghyun

According to media reports, Jonghyun’s elder sister received a text message from the famous musician bidding her goodbye on that fateful day.

The message read: “It’s been really hard for me all this time, so please send me off well. Tell me that I lived a good life. This is my last greeting (to you).”

His sister quickly called in the local police at around 4:42pm but, according to media sources, the officers were able to reach Jonghyun at 6:10pm. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

SM Entertainment, the company in charge of SHINee, released a official statement later that night confirming the singer’s passing.

“We’re sorry to deliver such heart-aching, unfortunate news. On December 18, SHINee member Jonghyun left our side unexpectedly.”

Jonghyun was quoted as telling his best friend, Dear Cloud’s Nine, in a letter which he advised to be made public only after his death, “I started to get an uneasy feeling, so I told his family and tried my best to hold on to his mind, but in the end, I only delayed the timing, I could not stop it.”

Nine also confirmed that the confidential letter was only released to the public after much discussion with Jonghyun’s family.

The deceased performed both as a solo artist and with the group SHINee, which exemplified the genre known as K-pop, known for its elaborate choreography, fashionable, skin-baring outfits and different vocal styles, and his group, formed by SM Entertainment, shot to fame after the release of their debut EP, Replay, in 2008.

Toggle reported that the entertainment company confirmed Jonghyun’s family will have a private funeral service for him on Thursday (December 21) and fans will have an opportunity to pay their respects to the singer at a separate memorial in the same building.

Condolence visits commenced on Tuesday (December 19).

SM Entertainment artistes have canceled their shows indefinitely, in light of the news. SHINee’s tour of Japan was scheduled to begin in February next year.