Flexible Beyonce is Amazing.

Beyonce’s recent pose on a chair for the Elle Magazine’s May issue shows she’s very sporty and flexible. Queen Bey could have been a gymnast without music, just maybe.

The singer who currently launched her new wear line is promoting the business outfit Ivy Park. It is an active-wear fashion line.

Beyoncé Elle shoot

Beyonce shared with the magazine her inspiration for the label.

“It’s really the essence: to celebrate every woman and the body she’s in while always striving to be better. I called it Ivy Park because a park is our commonality. We can all go there; we’re all welcomed.”

“It’s anywhere we create for ourselves. For me, it’s the place that my drive comes from. I think we all have that place we go to when we need to fight through something, set our goals and accomplish them.”

Beyoncé in ELLE magazine

The famous singer says her fashion line is about “changing the conversation”.

She added, “It’s not about perfection. It’s about purpose. We have to care about our bodies and what we put in them.”

6 thoughts on “Flexible Beyonce is Amazing.

  1. As a man, my respect for her goes well beyond my appreciation for her stunning shapes. She has never diminished herself as a diva, despite life and all of its trials. She works extremely hard touring and maintaining that amazing voice of hers. Not only that, she fully embraces her status as a sex symbol in the industry.

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    Now, I’m not sharing this, because you’d think I’m drooling over these pictures of Beyonce (Really! I’m not! REALLY!! Oh OK, I am!) But what I like about this article, is that the quote at the end.

    It really does speak VOLUMES to EVERYONE WHO HAS BODY ISSUES!!

    You see, those that truly feel terrible about themselves and how they look, truly do have legitimate reasons why aren’t doing enough. NOW TO THOSE THAT HAVE SERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITIONS, WE KNOW THIS DOESN’T APPLY TO YOU.
    “It’s not about perfection. It’s about purpose. We have to care about our bodies and what we put in them.”
    Many of us, myself included; allowed ourselves to continue to eat and drink garbage food. We all make excuses and NEVER make the changes. They don’t have to be drastic and eating a fat cheeseburger or drinking a soda, doesn’t have to go away. But we have to break the ADDICTION. I always hear the words moderation, endlessly, ALL THE TIME! So how do we moderate it, where do we begin? That is something only we can answer ourselves! For me, I think I need to think deep inside and figure out what brings me back to the 40oz sodas, large sandwiches with tons of deep-fried sides. I’M TIRED…OF THIS WAY OF LIFE!
    Fast food tastes good, but NOT THAT GOOD, my cooking at home tastes a hell of a lot better than this.
    Don’t know about you, but I gotta stop!

    We all need to stop worrying about imperfections and focus on HOW WHAT WE ARE DOING TO OWN BODIES. Stop looking at the rolls, bumps, wrinkles and think about what important……YOU….YOUR BODY.

    Thanks, and I apologize for the sidetrack!

  3. Beyonce is a good example of what every black woman in America should be. Composed and good mannered. Great website and I look forward to seeing it expand over time.

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