Fashion Statement from JENNIFER LAWRENCE.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the many actresses who have never stopped making public statements – be it politics, fashion or even her monthly menstrual flow. She made a very bold fashion statement at CinemaCon in Las Vegas last Tuesday.

Her beauty, confidence and elegance surely caught the eye but what got mouths wagging was her decision to go braless. We also noticed the Altuzarra skirt and the shiny black tank top, anyways.

Call it feminism or fashion, Jennifer doesn’t care how anyone feels about her statements. For her, it is either you love it or hate it. No one would dare hate a darling Jenny so we say, “yes, yes, we love you for who you are, Jennifer.”

We understand she’s promoting an up-coming film with Cris Pratt called Passengers.

The incredible looking 25-year-old surely knows how to get attention – from mostly men – but that’s cool.

We expect more of fashion statements from Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer and Chris Pratt made the best of the night with their chemistry and humor on stage while they presented the forthcoming sci-fi adventure movie.

Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, CinemaCon

The audience won’t forget the night like one of those nights. Everyone had fun with the humorous actor and actress.

Towards the end Pratt confessed, “I really am extremely proud of this movie.”

“Me, too,” Lawrence quickly added. She continued, “If that sounded like I was being sarcastic, I was not and I want to make it clear that I am serious.” 

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