Escaped Tiger Found Roaming The Street.

A tiger was spotted roaming a residential neighborhood in South Texas before animal control officers responded to emergency calls and captured the flesh eating animal.

The Conroe Police Department says it received several phone calls Thursday from residents who saw the young, female tiger wandering around the city.

The Facebook post read:

Conroe Police Department, Texas

on Thursday

Very interesting post….Today the Conroe Police Department received a report of a tiger wandering the area of Coral Cove Pass near Longmire and League Line. Animal control officers were able to locate and capture the animal. We are asking for assistance in locating the owner. The female tiger has a collar and a leash. Please contact the Conroe Police Department, 936-522-3200, with any information regarding the owner of the young, female tiger!

Sgt. Dorcy McGinnis said that the tiger seems to be tame. It was wearing a collar with a leash hanging on its neck.

Authorities are asking for assistance in locating the tiger’s owner.

McGinnis said that if the tiger and its owner live in Conroe, the tiger will no longer be able to be housed in the city due to this incident.

Conroe is 40 miles north of Houston.

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