Eric Clapton Mourns.

Eric Clapton has joined the long list of fans in sharing his grief over Prince’s death.

He called the late music icon, “a true genius.”

In a historical confession of how Prince impacted on his life, Eric Clapton explained on his Facebook page how the artist inspired him to write the song “Holy Mother.”

It was sometime in the 1980, the artiste recalled, he was on the road and caught in what he called a “downward spiral with drink and drugs.”

Then he saw Prince’s “Purple Rain” in a Canadian movie theater. Clapton confessed that “it hit him like a bolt of lightning.” The musician said he went back to his hotel, amid empty beer cans, and wrote “Holy Mother.”

Clapton wrote on Facebook that he can’t believe Prince is gone.


The 57-year-old Prince was found dead Thursday in his suburban Minneapolis home, with the cause of death unknown.

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