Elton John Sued For Sexual Harassment.

Former Elton John’s security guard is suing the famous singer for sexual harassment and battery.

Singer Elton John performs at the Hillary Victory Fund

The Sacrifice singer is accused to have attempted forcing himself on the guard Jeffrey Wenninger while the latter was at his payroll until 2014 when he left the job.

Jeffery said in his lawsuit that John had attempted to touch his manhood on many occasions, three of the incidents was in 2014. He also said that John did put his hands in his pants trying to touch his genitals while both were in a car.

John told him: “You have so many gay genes in you, they just haven’t met up yet.”

Among the several accusations in the lawsuit, John told the guard: “get your todger out,” and asked him to “say hello to Uncle Elton.”

On another occasion, Wenninger said that John touched and twisted his nipples and said to him, “You gorgeous thing, you.”

Wenninger is claiming that he fought off Elton John physically and verbally but added that the singer persisted though it’s not clear yet if John succeeded in having forced sex with the complainant.

As a result of all he suffered while working for John, the suit claims that Wenninger went through “physical, mental and emotional injuries, pain, distress, suffering, anguish, fright, nervousness, grief, anxiety, worry, shame, mortification, injured feelings, shock, humiliation and indignity, as well as other unpleasant physical, mental and emotional reactions, damages to to reputation and other non-economic damages.”

The amount of damages Wenninger is asking for has not been mentioned.