White House On Lockdown.

It was all horror as the Capitol Visitor Center was locked down after an exchange of gunfire between a shooter and a guard on duty.

US Capitol Visitors Centre shooting

The shootout prompted the White House to be put on lock down to ensure safety of everyone within the perimeter.

Reports have it that an armed suspect walked into the Visitors Center and pointed a gun at one police officer who acted in self defense. The officer was not seriously hurt though a female civilian was grazed by shrapnel. According to CBS, other 2 tourists sustained injuries in the attack but no death was recorded.


The attacker is yet to be identified. He was wounded and has been taking into custody while receiving medical attention.

US Capitol Visitors Centre shooting

US media reports that the intruder ‘is known’ to US authorities.

An email sent to staff at Capitol Hill warned them to ‘seek cover’ as the authorities arrived to put the situation under control. Part of the message read:

“US Capitol Police are locking down the entire US Capitol Complex due to a potential security threat”. “No one will be allowed to enter or exit any buildings.

“You may move about within the buildings and underground between buildings. If you are outside, seek cover.”

Wales Online reported:

US Capitol Visitors Centre shooting

“This comes as two school trips from Wales were reported to have been inside the White House at the time of the incident.”

“Staff and pupils studying history and art from Tredegar Comprehensive are understood to have been in the Capitol building at the time.”

“A trip from Cyfarthfa High School , in Merthyr Tydfil, is also in the city. Both groups are understood to have been unharmed.”

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  1. Terrorists live right inside Washington and everywhere. They have passports and they’re citizens of America so it’ll be hard to completely wipe them off. They’ll kill but get killed.