Content writing trends in 2022

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Do you want to create content that will help your site grow and also satisfy the needs of buyers?

We’ve analyzed the latest reports and recommendations from fellow professionals to define the state of content writing in 2022.

Firstly, the current trend is to publish content several times a week. At least 39% of B2B and 46% of B2C companies do so.

Written content stays among the top three most used content types. 78% of B2B and 70% of B2C companies use texts as part of their content marketing strategy.
5 things you should consider to develop your content writing in 2022
1. Users are your #1 priority
Putting your users first might be the biggest success driver this year. Always remember that customers are real people.

2. Use SEO content writing best practices
SEO copywriting allows combining the best practices that keep both users and search engines in mind.

3. Personalize content
87% of users surveyed shared that personalized content positively influences how they feel about a brand.

4. Diversify your content
Turn blog articles into new content formats to share on other platforms like Youtube, podcast services, LinkedIn, etc.
5. Written content still rocks
Articles can explain complex topics and also are part of search engine optimization, which results in higher rankings.
Creating better content helps you receive better reviews and ratings from buyers. That, in turn, leads to more orders and earnings. So, use these helpful tips to excel in your writing.

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