Chris Brown Wins Big On Custody Battle With Baby Mama.

Chris Brown came out victorious from his legal battles with baby mama over custody rights, and his ex is said to have lost woefully.

Image: Chris Brown and 2-year-old daughter Royalty.

Her lost was so awful that the judge ordered her to refund the “Don’t Judge Me” singer every dime she obtained from him as attorney fees earlier, TMZ reported.

According to the report, an unnamed source close to the rapper reveals that Nia Guzman [Chris Brown’s baby mama] lost every single request she made on their daughter’s custody.

Royalty is 2 years old.

Image shows Chris Brown, Royalty and Nia Guzman.

TMZ wrote: Nia wanted full custody — DENIED. She wanted Chris to have monitored visitation — DENIED. She wanted to deny Chris’ mom the right to see the kid — DENIED. She wanted Chris to submit to drug tests — DENIED.

The judge declared that both Chris Brown and Nia Guzman should continue with “joint custody” which they’ve maintained ever since.

In addition, the rapper will continue getting his 12 days a month access to Royalty.

Talking about the initial attorney fee which the judge ordered Nia to refund Chris, the report confirms that she had requested for the amount while filing her legal docs, implying that the rapper paid her bills for the court case.

Having lost the battle, the bills now transform to debts. However, it seems that will remain a “goodwill credit” for the 27-year-old musician.

Image: Nia Guzman

During previous court hearings, Nia had argued that the Hip Hop/R&B singer was incapable of caring for their daughter without “strict supervision”, adding that she wanted a monitor as well as a reduction on the amount of time granted for the father and child.

Chris’ baby mama is reportedly getting $2,500 per month but wants $16,000 for the estimated expenses to be incurred as “child support” and “logistics”.

The recent court judgement may be her sole reason for dropping the child support petition, as there may be no breakthrough on that if she persists.

Throughout his career, Brown has won several awards, including two NAACP Image Awards, three American Music Awards and fourteen BET Awards.

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