Chris Brown bolted to avoid receiving Court Summon from a Process Server

Chris Brown is known as an A-list R&B singer but he recently proved to be better than Usain Bolt after running faster than the Jamaican sprinter just to avoid receiving an order to appear in court.

Image: Chris Brown

The pop star ran from the law, as confirmed in a report from TMZ.

Brown attended a charity basketball tourney on September 11, and he never expected a court official to go looking for him in the crowd. He was enjoying the game of his life when the bailiff arrived, standing before him with a court summons.

The “Royalty” singer knew what court papers look like, having been at war with the authorities over the years. He has been served a couple of times so he did what he thought was right.

According to the report, Chris took to his heels before the court official could even complete a sentence or hand over the documents to him.

The server says she approached Chris at halftime … pulled the docs out of her bag, and said the magic words — you’ve been served. She claims Chris totally saw her, but a member of his entourage slapped the papers to the ground, TMZ wrote.  

Brown was being served for engaging his former manager in a fight. The report says he beat the hell out of him.

Meanwhile, the court official who was trying to hand over a court summons to the 27-year-old singer said the documents landed on Brown’s feet before he bolted like an Olympian.

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