Indonesian Gay Couple arrested for posting nudes of Facebook

Two male university students in Indonesia have been arrested for engaging in gay sex.

The homosexuals were apprehended after thoughtlessly posting their intimate pictures on Facebook with claims of “true love” nurtured by passion.

The gay couple aged 22 and 24 were arrested on the island of Sulawesi after some homophobic Facebook users who saw the pictures reported them to police officers.

“With my dear lover tonight. May our love last forever,” was the caption of their Facebook post which displayed the romantic pictures.

The indecent pictures were quickly removed from the social media on instructions from Indonesia’s communication and information technology ministry.

Both lovebirds were arrested but later released on bail, pending court trials.

According to a report from Pink News, police in the city of Manado said the couple could be prosecuted under the country’s laws against ‘obscenity and pornography’, despite homosexuality not being illegal.

“The couple admitted it’s them in the picture and they posted the picture to prove their love,” the local police spokesman Marzuki told AFP.

There are wide claims of anti-LGBT attacks spreading through the country, and the recent arrest of two university students confirms homosexuality is not yet accepted in Indonesia.

A rep for the country’s president said: “Rights of citizens like going to school and getting an ID card are protected, but there is no room in Indonesia for the proliferation of the LGBT movement.”

Pink News confirms Indonesia’s first Muslim transgender boarding school was forced to close last week after being branded ‘immoral’.

To confirm that the LGBT community has no room in the country, a bill to ban homosexuality was proposed by the chairman of Indonesia’s House of Representatives Commission.

Mahfudz Siddiq, the commission chairman referred to LGBT as a matter of “national security”, the report confirms.

Siddiq told the Jakarta Post: “LGBT issues can damage national security, identity, culture and the faith of Indonesians.”

4 thoughts on “Indonesian Gay Couple arrested for posting nudes of Facebook

  1. Who posts x-rated pictures of themselves on facebook when they’re gay in a society that counts in as crime? they’re a bunch of assholes. These are students who should be busy with studies. Shame!

  2. Total madness! They knew it would create a problem since they’re Indonesians. Idiots with turtle brains. What kind of love are they expressing?