Celebrate and pray for fathers, husbands

a family eating ice cream
Photo by PNW Production on Pexels.com

Fathers in the house, please proclaim this to yourself:

I delete my name from the generation of men who labour and die at the beginning of their harvest.

I delete myself from the order of men who work and another enjoys their labour.

I belong to the order of men who live to a full ripe old age.

I belong to the generation of men who sees their children’s children up to the fourth generation.

I belong to the generation of men who will not die without fulfilling the Lord’s counsel and purpose for their lives.

If you believe in this confession of faith, please bless others with it.

Blessed fathers.
1.God will make me the father of my children till my old age.

  1. I shall not bury any of my children.
  2. The death that snatches children suddenly will not know my abode.
  3. This year 2023 will not swallow me and my family by God’s grace!
  4. My children, my wife and I shall be shielded from evil and its doers.
  5. My sons & daughters will not marry my enemies & their spouses will be my best friends.
  6. My children’s food will not be bitter in my mouth.
  7. My songs of glory will not be sang by another person.
  8. A minute of silence will not be observed for me on the day of my children’s wedding.
  9. My last name and title will be great grandpa.

Please send the prayer points to Daddies you love.