2023: What every Nigerian voter should know

corruption in Nigeria

The official campaign for the 2023 election has started and this is the right time for every Nigerian voter to take one minute and ponder on these points:

No face cap 🧢 can cover your hunger for 4 years.

No campaign T-shirt can protect you from insecurity for 4 years.

That 5kg of rice cannot keep your belly full for 4 years.

1tr of groundnut oil cannot sustain your kitchen for 4 years.

5.4 yards of Ankara cannot cover poverty for 4 years.

If someone offers you 10k for campaign or voting, ask yourself this question 🤔. How much do they give to their children as pocket money per month?

Remember, your 10k is for 4 years, and it is once and for all.

Think about your value,

Think about your voice,

Think about your future.

You are also human. You must not die on the crumbs table. And guess what. Those gullible politicians asking for your support and gullible, wicked, and evil. They are not more Nigerians than you are.

Now, understand that the power to change Nigeria is in your hands. If the best candidate does not have the chance to win, waste your vote on him without a second thought. It is better to live a fulfilled life, than voting for your own problems. It is also the best thing to do. You have a chance to speak in the future.

Remember, you are not suffering as a Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo, but as a Nigerian. Reject all ethnical cards that are unfavorable to your future. Reject every religion card, no church or mosque pays your children school fees, and voting your religion members doesn’t put food on your table.

They (the politicians) will visit you during campaign, but you will never see them again until the next campaign. Work for an accountable candidate.

Election is local, but politics is international. The outcome of election will not only affect you, it affects all Nigerians irrespective of where they are. Think about the character and integrity of your candidate.

Don’t submit yourself as campaign thug. The children of politicians are enjoying winter abroad. They don’t go out with knife 🔪, gun 🔫, or charms. Their lives are very important to their parents.

Be wise,
Be smart,
Be thoughtful.
Be focused

God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬