Cecilia Cheung yet to name father of her third child



Guess the rumors were true after all, that Cecilia Cheung, the Hong Kong-Australian actress and canto-pop singer who attained fame by starring alongside Stephen Chow, isn’t a one-man lady.

In China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, every artiste worth his or her salt has a studio these days and Cecilia is no exception, having struggled to survive after her parents separated when she was only 9.

On Saturday, a Weibo post confirmed that the 38-year-old actress gave birth to her third son in November and that both mother and son are doing well.

“Her children and her family have always been the most important people Cecilia takes care of. In the coming days, she will do her best to enhance the quality of life for her three kids. At the same time, she will also strive towards creating her best work. ‘Little Prince’ is now a month old and is grateful to everyone for their blessings,” said the statement.

Cecilia Cheung.jpg

Image: Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia, a mother-of-three, also posted a video where she thanked everyone for their concern.

“Today my ‘Little Prince’ turns one-month-old. And I thank everyone for their blessings and support, I’m very grateful to everyone and I’m very thankful. The heavens have treated me very well and I really thank my group of really good friends! Thank you!”

The Sing Girl star then posted the drawing above which was printed on the baby’s one-month celebration gift for her friends and family. In the drawing is Ceci cradling her youngest son with her elder two boys Lucas, 11, and Quintus, eight, by her side. She also added a short caption: “My Love” followed by a heart emoji.

It’s a really sweet drawing but it doesn’t the question everyone has on their mind: Who’s the father?

Cecilia Cheung: A Timeline

Cecilia Cheung has had a really dramatic past 12 years. Here’s a quick look-back at all that has happened.

2006 – Cecilia marries Nicholas Tse

2008 The Edison Chen Sex Photo Scandal sweeps across Asia, exposing more than just the relationship between Cecilia and the bad boy. Nic stands by his wife, who had just given birth to their son Lucas, through this dark period

2010 – Ceci gives birth to Quintus, her second son with Nicholas

2011 – Nic and Ceci announce their divorce

2014 – Nic reconciles with his ex Faye Wong, who he dated from 2000 – 2002

2018 – Ceci gives birth to her third son nicknamed ‘Little Prince’ but doesn’t reveal who her baby daddy is.