Ex-manager: Beyoncé is suffering just like her mom to stay married to Jay-Z

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Pregnant Beyoncé and husband Jay Z are having it rough in their marriage, but she is reportedly making great efforts to save the situation from getting messier.

The “Single Ladies” singer has gone into hiding since rumors of their looming divorce  made headlines.

An insider confirmed to Radar Online that the Hollywood couple are signatures away from legalizing their separation, and the unthinkable may happen before her twins are delivered.

Beyoncé and her mother Tina were criticized for showing their middle fingers at the Grammys.

Just like Bey’s mom Tina Knowles fought hard to stay married, the mother-of-one never wanted a second pregnancy but agreed on her husband’s request as a way of consolidating their marriage.

“Bey and Jay have had a really tough time, and they’ve been banking on another baby to get things back on track,” a tipster told the news outlet.

“The only thing that has kept them together is Beyonce’s desire to have another child.

“Beyonce showed the world the image of her growing pregnancy and that’s the only image she wants out in the public,” the source continued. “Pregnancy is hard when you are having one baby let alone two. She doesn’t want anyone to see it.”

Media reports say Queen B appears to be glowing on the outside since announcing her second pregnancy but the tipster says she’s completely miserable inside. She is trapped and alone in a “nightmarish marriage” to Jay-Z.

According to the tipster, Jay and his wife were hoping the arrival of a their twins, hopefully boys, will save the dicey situation but they seem to have hit the rocks already.

The former Destinys Child singer announced her pregnancy earlier this month.

The insider says, “Bey and Jay have had a really tough time, and they’ve been banking on another baby to get things back on track. The only thing that has kept them together is Beyonce’s desire to have another child.

“Beyonce and Jay are two flawed people who make everyone believe they’re perfect,” explains the insider who regrettably added that “…they are a bad storm and you’d best believe there aren’t any blue skies hovering over them.”

Meanwhile, Bryan “Kenny” Moore, the singer’s ex manager spoke with Radar Online in an exclusive interview, explaining a possible worst case scenario. He said Tina Knowles suffered the same fate.

“It’s the same thing [Beyonce’s] mom did,” he tells Radar Online. “She fought tooth and nail to hold on to that marriage, and Beyonce is cut from same cloth. She’s not going to let anything beat her, not even marriage.”

He continues, “All I know from the past, is how her parents were. Tina and Matthew fought hard to stay together over the years, I admired them, but I guess things then got out of hand. They were always fighters and loved each other.”

Kenny thinks a new addition to the family can change the seemingly impossible separation. He believes their twins will mend the relationship.

“I pray that the babies make their relationship stronger. I would want nothing more than her and Jay-Z to go off into the sunset, be happy, and become grandparents one day,” he shares.×810/a_c/beyonce-jay-z-2-grammy-awards-glamour-26jan14-getty_540x810.jpg

“Two more babies would be perfect for her. She always worked hard and played hard. She’s done everything she’s needed to do, but she’ll remain on top with her music, she’s a smart girl.

“I know Beyonce, and she’ll figure it out. She’ll find a way to make sure her kids don’t suffer, and her fans don’t suffer either.

“I think she’ll do the Celine Dion thing and keep working, but make time to be the best mom she can be. She’s already doing a great job with Blue Ivy,” he adds.

Kenny argued contrary to wide speculations that Beyoncé would need an IVF.

“There are some twins in her family, through her cousins I believe,” he explains.

“For at least one of the twins to be a boy would be amazing. There are a lot of girls in her family, a boy would be a good addition and Jay-Z would be happy.”

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