Beautiful Taiwanese model Pace Wu buys a luxury apartment in Hong Kong

Pace Wu, a Taiwanese model-actress has reportedly bought a luxury home worth S$70.26 in Hong Kong. To prove critics right, she’s said to have paid the total amount in full.

Why not? The 37-year-old beauty queen is dating a billionaire though both are procrastinating with legalizing their relationship. The couple has two kids.

Pace and her husband bought the magnificent two-storey building at a choice location in Hong Kong’s luxury development Arezzo, located in the state’s affluent Mid-Levels district.

The home rests on the 50th and 51st floors with a total size of 5,000 square feet.

According to reports, the apartments boast of a rooftop garden and private pool cum garden area.

Real estate analysts confirmed the apartments are worth a total HK$400 million (S$70.26 million).

Pace and her husband made full payment for the property, including an estimated HK$70 million (S$12.3 million) paid as purchase tax to the government – as is required of every such acquisitions from foreigners.

Pace has two children, two-year-old daughter Hilary and 10-month-old son Hans, with her billionaire boyfriend Ji Xiaobo.

The HK casino billionaire is said to be delaying their marriage for reasons better known to them as reports claim the model trapped him with an unwanted pregnancy.

Pace was quoted as boasting at the time that they “have plans of a grand beach wedding” which never happened until now. She told the press they were having a wedding after her first child, now she has two.

Pace and Ji, probably won’t be having any wedding in the future. The couple stopped talking about it. And who cares for such when there’s money?

Other reports say she needed a rich man for the money and got what she wanted so having a wedding after two kids may just be a waste of resources, don’t you think?

Rumors were rife that Pace and Ji would tie the knot after the birth of their second son, but the suspense has continued to build up as the media wait for answers.

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Image: Pace Wu