MONEY-PALAVER: Young Chinese man confessed to killing parents and 19 more

A young Chinese man has confessed to killing his parents after they argued with him over money, state media reported. In a bid to cover up his dirty secret, the man who’s now in police custody, killed other 19 neighbors and fled the crime scene.

The suspect named Yang Qingpei arrived his village on Wednesday, the same day he carried out those murders.

He was arrested in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, on Thursday.

According to reports, Yang went on a murderous rampage, killing nineteen people from six different families who are all related in the small village. The youngest of his murder victims was said to be 3 years old while the oldest died at 72. Out of the 19 people, 4 were children.

In a country where citizens are not allowed to own firearms, Xinhua state news agency reports that the murderer is yet to reveal how he successfully carried out those killings with no one knowing he was responsible.

Other reports say the government has kept details of the news highly censored.

However, a source says the killer was a gambler who racked up huge debts until he returned home on September 28 when his parents discovered the addiction and heavy loss.

After he was busted, heated arguments ensued between him and his parents beforeΒ the massacreΒ in the remote village of Yema, Yunan province.

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