Award-winning Matador dies in France after tripping on his Cape

A famous Spanish bullfighter has died in France after carelessly stepping on his cape during a performance.

The death of Ivan Fandino, who died was confirmed dead in hospital following an attack from a raging bull, has brought sorrow to all bullfight lovers around the world.

His death comes barely 12 months after the death of another bullfighter Victor Barrio, who passed on last July.

Fandino, 36, was gored in front of a cheering crowd at Aire-sur-l’Adour, a location in the southwestern part of France.

He was rushed to a hospital for emergency services in the bullring’s surgery room before fellow bullfighters drove him in an ambulance to Mont de Marsan Hospital, where a team of doctors battled to save his life but could do nothing.

He was confirmed dead on arrival.

A Spanish newspaper El Mundo revealed that Fandino suffered a heart attack while receiving first aid treatments in the bullring’s theater. A second attack in the ambulance unfortunately ended his life on the way to hospital.

The European suffered a fatal horn wound from his ribs while performing in the ring.

His attacker was identified as a bull from the Baltasar Iban ranch.

“Hurry up, I’m dying,” were the bullfighter’s last words in the ambulance, media reports confirm.

Juan del Álamo, who later took part in meting out justice on the killer bull, said in a statement: “I have no words; I can’t believe it.

“He was in a lot of pain from the goring, but nobody expected it to end up like this.

“None of us understand how it could have happened; it was all so fast. The bull knocked him down with its hindquarters and he fell face down,” Mr Del Álamo told reporters.

Fandino, a native of Orduña near Bilbao, had just cut off his bull’s ear to an applause from the crowd before he tripped and fell to the ground. The raging bull reacted to Alamo’s “standing ovation” and was fast to gore him from from the side.

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