Assessment Brief: Consultancy Project for British Telecom (BT)

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15 Minute Presentation

Assessment Brief:

As Director of HR, you have been asked to act as an internal consultant for British Telecom and provide advice regarding the successful change management of the organisation as it looks to respond to an increasingly uncertain external environment with a focus on embedding leadership cultural change by design. In particular, BT are interested in supporting them in the creation of a transformed operating model. They are in the process of creating a leaner and more agile organisation. In particular, they are interested in having fewer, bigger, more accountable leadership roles, simplifying, and delayering their management structure in order to create an innovative and responsive organisation. BT have taken significant steps towards this ambition stating:

“Our investments are delivering for the business and we expect them to support our goal of sustainable, profitable revenue growth. Combined with a continued focus on cost transformation across the group, we aim to grow our EBITDA. This will drive long-term cash flow growth for the business. We will continue our prudent financial policy of investing in our business, reducing net debt, supporting the pension fund and paying progressive dividends.”

Strategically, BT has recently focused on directly addressing the potential offered by Digital Transformation, an 9th October 2019, BT launched a range of new products, services and skills programmes to help boost the UK’s potential.

The announcements were part of BT’s ongoing transformation and is aimed at improving mobile and fixed connectivity, set a new standard for customer experience, and provide digital skills for 10 million people and businesses. BT is also changing the way people and businesses interact with its products and services on the high street, in communities, within the workplace and even in people’s homes.

“We’re helping families and communities across the UK, and companies in Britain and around the world, to remove the barriers of today to realise the potential of tomorrow,” said Philip Jansen, Chief Executive of BT. “We’re starting a journey today with real changes that will have a positive impact for people and businesses – connecting more customers to full fibre, boosting customers’ speeds right across the UK, keeping customers connected wherever they are with our new converged Halo products, and helping to give them the skills to make the most of today’s connected world.”

Importantly, they recognise that the most important element that is necessary to facilitate success in this journey to deliver this strategy is Leadership, Culture and Mindset. In particular, they are seeking support in the following key areas:

  • Part 1) Please evaluate and provide a summary of BT’s current strategic position with specific consideration of current leadership strategy. BT are seeking support in identifying the key challenges that are faced by the leadership team at BT in the immediate future.
  • Part 2) BT wish to strengthen their leadership capability through strategic and disruptive hiring of people into key leadership roles, and developing a clear leadership strategy. BT which to create a culture of innovation, flexibility and intrapreneurship, through all elements of their business. They wish to seek advice and guidance as to the key leadership capabilities necessary to operate in the context of BT’s current internal and external environment. Please provide advice as to how this can be achieved applying the principles of leadership by design.
  • Part 3) BT are aware this is a significant cultural change. Please provide advice as to how to manage this change process effectively.